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StressQuest is a user friendly tool that will help you gain clear insight into your own current stress profile.

To find out more, access the 15 minute, user-friendly StressQuest Questionnaire.

Free StressQuest Report Summary

After filling out and submitting the StressQuest Questionnaire, you will immediately receive your Free StressQuest Report Summary via email!

StressQuest Full Report

The StressQuest Full Report is a crisp clear detailed account of your current stress profile. It will also be available for purchase (see link on your Free StressQuest Report Summary email) immediately after submitting the StressQuest Questionnaire.

The StressQuest Full Report will be available via Stripe (secure online payment service) for AU$0. The StressQuest Full Report is aimed at empowering stress counsellors, stress coaches, stress therapists etc., to help us minimise our stressors, and maximise our resilience.

The StressQuest Full Report highlights areas of serious concern (regarding our physical and mental health that needs our immediate attention) in detail. These highlights are excellent discussion points during therapeutic conversations.