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About Stress

Stress is the way we change in order to stay the same - to protect our own wellness or wholeness. Stress, in other words, is a physical reaction that enables us to protect ourselves from harm.

Chronic Stress

Stress normally lasts for only about fifteen minutes at a time. Under enduring unfamiliar, uncertain and potentially dangerous (stressor) circumstances,  however, it will most probably be prolonged and develop into chronic stress, which may last for years.

Chronic stress already became one of the most disruptive influences in our society, mainly due to uncertainty and unpredictable changes in our environment.

Why should we be concerned about chronic stress?

Chronic stress compromises our productivity, wellness, mental and physical health, relationships, and may eventually cause our untimely death!

Who tends to suffer from chronic stress?

Most of us do not realise that we suffer from chronic stress. At least 10% of us may have a low stress tolerance level, experiencing chronic stress and feeling lousy for so long, we think it is normal. Some of us may have been stress sensitised since
our childhood years, responding to less serious stressors with excessively intense chronic stress reactions. Some of us may experience continuing demanding
stressor circumstances, and consequently react with chronic stress.

Generic Signs of Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress may cause, prolong or aggravate tension, irritability, anxiety, anger, nervousness, digestive problems, sleep problems, fatigue, tiredness, frustration, grief, depression, deprivation, etc.